NEW TOTES ONLY $9 for a VERY Limited Time 

This convenient tote bag lets everyone know that Mermaids Make Waves!

Introductory price of only $9 will not last. 

Get Yours Today!


  Hand Painted  Bags! 

Each Bag is Hand Painted by a

"Be The Myth" Team Member 

Each One is a Unique Work Of Art

No Two Are Exactly the Same!
14" X 14" 100% Cotton Canvas with Solid Brass Clasps



 Uniquely Designed Mermaid Bags                              

*Shopping         *The Beach            *Boating

$45.00                                                     For every day use

 100% Cotton Canvas

with Solid Brass clasps. Handles easily remove for washing.

There is a pocket inside to help keep track of your phone & wallet.

Get yours today!


4 Colors Available

Black, Red, Blue Grass, & Cilantro Green

14" X 14"

Brass removable clasps make washing a breeze!

Inside Pocket makes reaching for your phone or wallet hassle free. 


 28" Sassy APRON    2 Pocket Design

Five Colors Available        Perfect Cooking Accessory!


Apron Color

 Combine with a Cutting Board and Save!

 Apron & Cutting Board Combo


Mermaid Color on Apron
Cutting Board


 Sassy               Blue Blond       Black Tail    On The Rocks

 Sea Fairy


                            Orange Crush



Mermaid Prints 5x7                           Mermaid Cutting Boards        

 Mermaid Flasks                   Mermaid Coasters         

 Mermaid Jewelry                                                   Mermaid Scales

 Mermaid Stickers               Mermaid License Plates        

Mermaid Bags                         Mermaid Aprons

Mermaid Ladies Tops             Mermaid Tank Tops      

 Mermaid T-Shirts            Mermaid Long Sleeve Shirts             


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